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It’s Official

Well, if you caught my little ranting yesterday you know that I thought I might have found myself in the middle of a little rodent problem in my office, which is my home. It’s been fun so far here on MontBlancPenShop but that fun was brought to a screeching halt this morning when I saw the mouse.

No Office Toys Could Help Me

I gave it my all to try and handle this by myself and before this morning I never even knew for sure I had mice in my house. I bought a few things from the store and was praying I was just being paranoid but sure enough they are in my house and I had to call a professional.

I for one think mice are kind of cute. I remember one time my sister found a mouse in her apartment and she absolutely refused to step foot back inside until it was totally cleared out by a professional and I don’t really see what the big deal is. Sure they can chew up some cords and eventually might breed into an entire infestation but I can’t imagine 1 or 2 doing any real harm right?

I Tried…

Before this got out of control I decided to call up the first company I found online and had a guy from Pest & Termite Pros come out and see what he thought. It was a good thing I called him because he immediately began looking in places that I never would have even thought to look and started tapping the walls to try and lure the little guy out.

He really was a professional exterminator and was nice enough to check for other pests while he was there because I guess it was a slow day for him and I was actually pretty interested in the whole process. He told me a couple horror stories about bed bugs and spiders that could be hiding anywhere in your home and inside your walls.

Hopefully It’s Over

Luckily for me, his little evaluation of my home came back all clear for pretty much everything else but he did find mouse poop in the corner of my living room which I completely missed. He didn’t sound too concerned and said chances are there are only 1 or 2 in my house but it could have escalated quickly if I didn’t call them.

So I wasn’t too far off with my mouse traps and rat poison because that plus some glue traps were all the guy used around my house, but he did place them in many other places around my house and I’m assuming in much more effective places.

All in all this first visit only cost me $125 but might need more treatments if we don’t get them. Who would have thought getting rid of mice would have been so cheap?

I’ll try and bring MontBlancPenShop back to the “toys” now that this is hopefully over!