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I am so grateful that I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home and create my own office setting however I see fit and whatever will get me through the work day.

I could never imagine working in a cubicle again in some Office Space type building and constantly have to answer to some guy in a suit and tie breathing down your neck. I apologize to anyone reading this who is in that situation by the way. I have been in your shoes and feel your pain.

My Office My Playground

I have a ton of random little toys and games in my office that I will randomly finding myself playing little games against myself when I need a little break

How cool is this thing??

I love creating games for myself and having little 10 or 15 sessions against myself to kill some time. My fingers can only type so much before I need to give them a little break and I have plenty of options to pass the time.

This is where I cringe when I think of going back to a normal office building working for a corporate job. I could never imagine being able to have little toys like this in my cubicle and without them I think I would eventually go insane. Everyone needs little distractions and breaks from the work day and I take full advantage of them!