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Alrighty people I know it has been a while since I posted but this little problem I had was worse than I thought.

I’m Sure You Can Guess…

So after the pest guy did his thing laying out traps and whatever else he did, I actually woke up to a trapped mouse 2 days later and I could not have been happier. Like an idiot, I threw away the rest of the traps and glue thinking that the problem was solved.

Well, as I am sure you can guess I woke up yesterday and actually SAW another one in my living room before he scurried away under my chair and I am assuming into my walls.

Needless to say I got right back on the phone with my pest buddy and he referred me to a couple sites and companies like this one:

This was his nice way of him trying to educate my dumb self and learn NOT to throw everything away because you have no idea if there are any left or not. He was awesome though and came over the same day to fix me back up and in a very nice way tell me not to be so stupid.

Let’s pray this is the end of it.

Back to the Office!

I am going to try and get this thing back on track and back to the office toys!

I need some more fidgeting toys to keep my mind off this stupid mouse thing. As I am sure you can understand, this whole situation has kind of kept my mind preoccupied lately but I am going to stay positive; this is now over!

On Second Thought…

So remember my post last night talking about the top selling office toys from Office Playground?

I may or may not have talked a little bit of trash in regards to the top sellers on the site and I may or may not have implied that the country is becoming lazy and enjoys little trinkets more than actual useful office supplies.

Not me though!

I go for pens and productive tools, rather than toys.

So I thought.


Image result for office fidget

This sight look familiar to anyone else?

I honestly didn’t even realize I was guilty of being a “fidgety” person until I noticed myself twirling one of my favorite pens while browsing Office Playground last night.

After I posted, I realized I spend more time fidgeting at my desk than I do holding still or concentrating. It was then that I had this epiphany that I might have persuaded myself on accident that these top sellers are actually pretty great.

I know I know; I am the worst.

Fidget Toys?

So curiosity got the best of me and I went over to the category section and saw a whole section dedicated to “fidget toys.”

I didn’t even know this was a thing but I think I want to jump on board.

Anyone else out there ever find themselves immediately start twirling a napkin or straw wrapper when they go out to eat?

An all too familiar sight for me…

I think I am gonna join the herd on this one and give a few of these little toys a shot.

Don’t go anywhere and I’ll post some reviews after I get a few!