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2 Hour Delivery??

Not Like it Used to Be

Alright so if you saw my post yesterday, you read a little bit about my thoughts and opinions on technology taking over and how fun and exciting office supply stores are slowly dwindling away to a distant memory.

The thought of this does not really excite me, despite being the enormous nerd that I am. I don’t know why but there is just something about going into a store that has all of your favorite things that just gives you a vibe you can’t get when shopping online.

Who else remembers being a kid and going to their favorite toy store? Mine was Toys R Us of course. The smell, the sights, the feeling of being in that store is something that I can still remember and I don’t think I will ever feel that again.

Next Level

So a couple of weeks ago I saw a random post on Facebook about getting something delivered from Amazon in just 2 hours. I honestly thought this was a joke when i first saw it until today when I went there to look for some cool new gadgets and sure enough, I saw the option for 2 hour delivery for Amazon Prime members.

How is this even possible? I know I also saw a commercial or some ad about it a while back where drones were in production for the mega corporation and eventually they would be delivering things right to your door step.

Is this the point we have gotten to? Are we too lazy to walk outside and drive 10 minutes to a store now?

I am so afraid for the generations to come and what the next level of laziness is going to entail.

Stick around to see how crazy this is going to get in the next few days even!