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I am so grateful that I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home and create my own office setting however I see fit and whatever will get me through the work day.

I could never imagine working in a cubicle again in some Office Space type building and constantly have to answer to some guy in a suit and tie breathing down your neck. I apologize to anyone reading this who is in that situation by the way. I have been in your shoes and feel your pain.

My Office My Playground

I have a ton of random little toys and games in my office that I will randomly finding myself playing little games against myself when I need a little break

How cool is this thing??

I love creating games for myself and having little 10 or 15 sessions against myself to kill some time. My fingers can only type so much before I need to give them a little break and I have plenty of options to pass the time.

This is where I cringe when I think of going back to a normal office building working for a corporate job. I could never imagine being able to have little toys like this in my cubicle and without them I think I would eventually go insane. Everyone needs little distractions and breaks from the work day and I take full advantage of them!



Quick Update…

I’ll keep this short and get back to the fun office stuff but just to give you guys an update…

My problem is OVER!! I had my guy come over one last time for a final inspection and he gave me the green light. Now let’s pray that I never have to call him again…

I Wish I Had Kids…

Anyone else get annoyed and jealous when they see cool toys come out and are 100 times cooler than anything you had growing up? Well I do and I found the newest one that I wish I would have had when I was a kid.

If you were like me a few hours ago and have no clue what this is, these are LittleBits and they are amazing.

I am sure a lot of you played with K’nex when you were younger and so did I.  From what I can tell, these LittleBits are K’nex 2.0 and not only allow you to build cool things, but they form electric circuits inside of them and you can do all kinds of cool experiments or build cool things with them.

I don’t have kids and I probably never will, but I can’t help but sit and daydream about buying my non-existent children toys like these things and just using them as an excuse to play with them all day. I really am an adult child, aren’t I?


Alrighty people I know it has been a while since I posted but this little problem I had was worse than I thought.

I’m Sure You Can Guess…

So after the pest guy did his thing laying out traps and whatever else he did, I actually woke up to a trapped mouse 2 days later and I could not have been happier. Like an idiot, I threw away the rest of the traps and glue thinking that the problem was solved.

Well, as I am sure you can guess I woke up yesterday and actually SAW another one in my living room before he scurried away under my chair and I am assuming into my walls.

Needless to say I got right back on the phone with my pest buddy and he referred me to a couple sites and companies like this one:

This was his nice way of him trying to educate my dumb self and learn NOT to throw everything away because you have no idea if there are any left or not. He was awesome though and came over the same day to fix me back up and in a very nice way tell me not to be so stupid.

Let’s pray this is the end of it.

Back to the Office!

I am going to try and get this thing back on track and back to the office toys!

I need some more fidgeting toys to keep my mind off this stupid mouse thing. As I am sure you can understand, this whole situation has kind of kept my mind preoccupied lately but I am going to stay positive; this is now over!

It’s Official

Well, if you caught my little ranting yesterday you know that I thought I might have found myself in the middle of a little rodent problem in my office, which is my home. It’s been fun so far here on MontBlancPenShop but that fun was brought to a screeching halt this morning when I saw the mouse.

No Office Toys Could Help Me

I gave it my all to try and handle this by myself and before this morning I never even knew for sure I had mice in my house. I bought a few things from the store and was praying I was just being paranoid but sure enough they are in my house and I had to call a professional.

I for one think mice are kind of cute. I remember one time my sister found a mouse in her apartment and she absolutely refused to step foot back inside until it was totally cleared out by a professional and I don’t really see what the big deal is. Sure they can chew up some cords and eventually might breed into an entire infestation but I can’t imagine 1 or 2 doing any real harm right?

I Tried…

Before this got out of control I decided to call up the first company I found online and had a guy from Pest & Termite Pros come out and see what he thought. It was a good thing I called him because he immediately began looking in places that I never would have even thought to look and started tapping the walls to try and lure the little guy out.

He really was a professional exterminator and was nice enough to check for other pests while he was there because I guess it was a slow day for him and I was actually pretty interested in the whole process. He told me a couple horror stories about bed bugs and spiders that could be hiding anywhere in your home and inside your walls.

Hopefully It’s Over

Luckily for me, his little evaluation of my home came back all clear for pretty much everything else but he did find mouse poop in the corner of my living room which I completely missed. He didn’t sound too concerned and said chances are there are only 1 or 2 in my house but it could have escalated quickly if I didn’t call them.

So I wasn’t too far off with my mouse traps and rat poison because that plus some glue traps were all the guy used around my house, but he did place them in many other places around my house and I’m assuming in much more effective places.

All in all this first visit only cost me $125 but might need more treatments if we don’t get them. Who would have thought getting rid of mice would have been so cheap?

I’ll try and bring MontBlancPenShop back to the “toys” now that this is hopefully over!

Not So Fun “Toys”

Now that I have touched up on some of the most fun, not so fun, and actually healthy office toys here at MontBlanc and none of these were things that anyone would necessarily “need” right? Well, unfortunately times have changed my friends.

Might Need Some Help

So far I would like to think that we have had some fun here at Mont Blancs Pen Shop and we haven’t gotten into anything serious really but today is different.

I think i have mice in my house…

I don’t know for sure but I have found little bite marks on corners of my cabinets and I swear i heard something crawling in my closet last night when I was sleeping. It was kind of one of those half awake half sleeping moments and I don’t know if I dreamed it or not for sure but I am almost positive it was real.

So as of now I laid down a few mouse traps and “rodenticide” but no luck yet.

Tools and not Toys?

This is where you guys come in. Since I have been generous enough to give you some of my favorite office toys and supplies here, anyone of you have any experience in catching mice in your house?

I don’t want to call an exterminator just yet because I don’t even want to know how much this will cost me. Hopefully I’m being dramatic and it won’t be that expensive but let me know if you have ever had rats or mice in your house and you got rid of them?

Help me out people.

Whole New Perspective

It seems that I have developed a tendency to do a little more research after I ramble on this thing after every post I have done so far here at Mont Blancs Online Shop.

Mind blown…

The last post I wrote in regards to fidgeting was no different (click here if you missed it).

Little recap

At first I thought it was strange and just absolutely silly when I saw that “fidgeting toys” were among the top sellers on one of my favorite office supply websites. I like to think of myself as a professional office worker and thought it was an embarrassment to the rest of us that not many real office tools made the list but after the little research session I had, I may have found out why.

The Verdict Is In…

So I am one of those people who always finds himself fiddling and toying with something and I never really thought too much of it. I have been on dates and my siblings always found it annoying but I never cared enough to change my habits.

Who or what is a little rolled up napkin going to hurt??

Well in addition to curving the uncomfortableness that I feel holding completely still, research was just done from multiple sources and apparently fidgeting throughout the day can have very positive impacts on your overall health.

This is especially true for those like me who spend the vast majority of their day on a computer chair in an office. They don’t really know why, but apparently it can help deter a number of very serious health conditions that can develop from the constant sitting.

Who would have thought??

On Second Thought…

So remember my post last night talking about the top selling office toys from Office Playground?

I may or may not have talked a little bit of trash in regards to the top sellers on the site and I may or may not have implied that the country is becoming lazy and enjoys little trinkets more than actual useful office supplies.

Not me though!

I go for pens and productive tools, rather than toys.

So I thought.


Image result for office fidget

This sight look familiar to anyone else?

I honestly didn’t even realize I was guilty of being a “fidgety” person until I noticed myself twirling one of my favorite pens while browsing Office Playground last night.

After I posted, I realized I spend more time fidgeting at my desk than I do holding still or concentrating. It was then that I had this epiphany that I might have persuaded myself on accident that these top sellers are actually pretty great.

I know I know; I am the worst.

Fidget Toys?

So curiosity got the best of me and I went over to the category section and saw a whole section dedicated to “fidget toys.”

I didn’t even know this was a thing but I think I want to jump on board.

Anyone else out there ever find themselves immediately start twirling a napkin or straw wrapper when they go out to eat?

An all too familiar sight for me…

I think I am gonna join the herd on this one and give a few of these little toys a shot.

Don’t go anywhere and I’ll post some reviews after I get a few!

Office Playground

All this talk about office supply stores from my previous posts got me thinking about actually going to stores and the little bit of excitement I get whenever I walk in. I can’t help but just day dream about winning a shopping spree and charging through the isles with my arms stretched across the shelves just plowing everything into my shopping cart. Anyone else have random and kind of bizarre day dreams like this?

I really am a nerd…

Top Sellers

So all this day dreaming got me looking online at one of my favorite websites and went over to the top seller section on office playground.

Now I am the first one to admit that I am a nerd, but some of these top sellers are just ridiculous.


You notice what made the top 3? Yes, none other than a stress ball,,, WHO BUYS THESE THINGS???

So pretty much the entire top selling list consisted of stupid items like the ones you see above and this really surprised me. Now I definitely enjoy my little office toy and vanity every once in a while but I can’t imagine that these are the most sold items when it comes to office supplies.

Don’t people actually work anymore? How is there not one thing that has to do with pens on this list???

Am I the only one who is obsessed with pens???

Let me know what you think if you check out the site.

Stick around!

2 Hour Delivery??

Not Like it Used to Be

Alright so if you saw my post yesterday, you read a little bit about my thoughts and opinions on technology taking over and how fun and exciting office supply stores are slowly dwindling away to a distant memory.

The thought of this does not really excite me, despite being the enormous nerd that I am. I don’t know why but there is just something about going into a store that has all of your favorite things that just gives you a vibe you can’t get when shopping online.

Who else remembers being a kid and going to their favorite toy store? Mine was Toys R Us of course. The smell, the sights, the feeling of being in that store is something that I can still remember and I don’t think I will ever feel that again.

Next Level

So a couple of weeks ago I saw a random post on Facebook about getting something delivered from Amazon in just 2 hours. I honestly thought this was a joke when i first saw it until today when I went there to look for some cool new gadgets and sure enough, I saw the option for 2 hour delivery for Amazon Prime members.

How is this even possible? I know I also saw a commercial or some ad about it a while back where drones were in production for the mega corporation and eventually they would be delivering things right to your door step.

Is this the point we have gotten to? Are we too lazy to walk outside and drive 10 minutes to a store now?

I am so afraid for the generations to come and what the next level of laziness is going to entail.

Stick around to see how crazy this is going to get in the next few days even!


Where to Go?

Technology Is Taking Over

Is anyone else genuinely a tad concerned over the possibility that we are all going to be taken over by cyborgs some day? The future may be a dark and scary place, overrun with computers that we built and have outsmarted us and slowly beginning to wipe us all out.

Alright that got a little dark for where I wanted to go with this one…

Office supply stores seem to be a dying breed unfortunately and those that have survived are slowly dwindling and being taken over by the world wide web. It’s sad, but how can you compete against monsters like Amazon and Walmart when everything is a click away from your computer and it will be delivered oh so carefully right to your doorstep.

As much as I love my office supply stores, I love staying in my cozy chair more.

Not the Same

I will say though, there is something about actually going to a store as opposed to ordering stuff online. My chair for example, that you now know about and how much I paid for it. There are some things that you just can’t buy online before trying it. In addition to that, who doesn’t get excited when you walk in a store totally devoted to some of your favorite things?

God how I miss the smell of walking into an Office Max or Staples…

I guess I still could. I am part of the problem aren’t I?

Stay tuned to see what else my office rambling will bring!