Whole New Perspective

It seems that I have developed a tendency to do a little more research after I ramble on this thing after every post I have done so far here at Mont Blancs Online Shop.

Mind blown…

The last post I wrote in regards to fidgeting was no different (click here if you missed it).

Little recap

At first I thought it was strange and just absolutely silly when I saw that “fidgeting toys” were among the top sellers on one of my favorite office supply websites. I like to think of myself as a professional office worker and thought it was an embarrassment to the rest of us that not many real office tools made the list but after the little research session I had, I may have found out why.

The Verdict Is In…

So I am one of those people who always finds himself fiddling and toying with something and I never really thought too much of it. I have been on dates and my siblings always found it annoying but I never cared enough to change my habits.

Who or what is a little rolled up napkin going to hurt??

Well in addition to curving the uncomfortableness that I feel holding completely still, research was just done from multiple sources and apparently fidgeting throughout the day can have very positive impacts on your overall health.

This is especially true for those like me who spend the vast majority of their day on a computer chair in an office. They don’t really know why, but apparently it can help deter a number of very serious health conditions that can develop from the constant sitting.

Who would have thought??

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