Where to Go?

Technology Is Taking Over

Is anyone else genuinely a tad concerned over the possibility that we are all going to be taken over by cyborgs some day? The future may be a dark and scary place, overrun with computers that we built and have outsmarted us and slowly beginning to wipe us all out.

Alright that got a little dark for where I wanted to go with this one…

Office supply stores seem to be a dying breed unfortunately and those that have survived are slowly dwindling and being taken over by the world wide web. It’s sad, but how can you compete against monsters like Amazon and Walmart when everything is a click away from your computer and it will be delivered oh so carefully right to your doorstep.

As much as I love my office supply stores, I love staying in my cozy chair more.

Not the Same

I will say though, there is something about actually going to a store as opposed to ordering stuff online. My chair for example, that you now know about and how much I paid for it. There are some things that you just can’t buy online before trying it. In addition to that, who doesn’t get excited when you walk in a store totally devoted to some of your favorite things?

God how I miss the smell of walking into an Office Max or Staples…

I guess I still could. I am part of the problem aren’t I?

Stay tuned to see what else my office rambling will bring!

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